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The projects could be started from fundraising, then join the action by the volunteers to start up. So far, our volunteers come to help in their supported project from beginning to the final. The common project had been done so far are school building (classroom and library), school environment (garden and playground), school stationeries, students bicycle support, community infrastructure, and passion house building.

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Our Recent Projects

Donation for New Academic Year 2019-2020

The student from the poorest family received the bicycle and school necessary to continue their dream. 

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Frogs Feeding at Rainbow Eco-Farm

This Frog is feed for food in Rainbow. It takes 3 months to harvest and it can turn into varies types of meals such as grill or deep-fried and soups with vegetables. 

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Visit Local Primary School

Kok Knang primary school has been cooperated with WFC to bring the international volunteer close to the local children. 

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