Community Outreach

The community activities have been introduced under the foundation of WFC since 2010. This program has reached the poorest communities with projects of toilet facilities, clean water well, and school improvement.

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Passion Home Building

Project History Passion Home building always builds by Rainbow staff and adult children for very poor families. The homes are built for the owner, WFC provides the physical structure, but we rely on the family and the donor to create peace, happiness, and hope for the poor family and their children.
Scope of Work: The current assessment of the project includes: woods, zinc, pump leaves, nails, wood boards, bamboo, etc.
Cost & schedule: Project cost is estimated at US$1,800 to USD 2,500. The project duration is estimated at 10 days.

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The bicycle for poor's children to attend school

Project HistoryBecause their villages are 5-10 km away which makes the school, not within walking distance, Rainbow Projects aim to support school attendance with the villages, especially during the re-opening of school in early November.

Scope of needTo purchase 26 bicycles from the town to donate the poorest village's children.
Cost & scheduleThe 26 of bicycles cost is estimated at USD 1,170. Project duration is estimated at 3 days, this project can begin all the time. The best time is the school re-opening in September each year.

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Donate Much Needed School Supplies

School supply is one of the most successful projects. It offers some of the poorest to obtain an education in for free. It not only benefits the children, but it also opens a window to alleviate poverty among their families and wider communities through gaining an education. We are very grateful to all of our donors who have helped these disadvantaged children so far; however, we still have a few things on our wish list. To offer these children better education possibilities, we would invest in a photocopying-printing machine and a projector. This equipment would greatly enhance the lessons and would open opportunities for the school.

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Improve the Library facilities in Local Community Schools

The library in the local village school is the only possibility for children to research and learn more outside the classroom. The vast majority of these children do not own any books of their own, so this is a fantastic asset to the community. The children now have to sit on a very hard concrete floor while studying, so we would love to be able to lay a new floor that is more suitable for young children. We would also love to improve the general facilities of the library by adding tables, shelving, and new books to provide a better education resource for them. They love having the opportunity to read and would be really appreciated if you could help enhance their learning.

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Donate and Build a Toilet Facility for a Disadvantaged Family

There are many families in the surrounding area that can't afford toilet facilities. Without an adequate water system, particularly during monsoon season, water supplies mix often resulting in disease and illness. This can easily be avoided if we build a separate toilet facility for the families, enabling them to keep sanitary water supply. We have already helped a number of the poor, disadvantaged families in the local communities, and we hope to continue to help with your supports. This is an opportunity to directly help one of the poorest families in the area, and we would welcome you to Cambodia and help build the facility. This is an opportunity to meet the family and see the incredible difference you are making to their lives.

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